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Russia’s market ready for DGC

Russia’s market ready for DGC

By 2035 Russia’s electricity consumption is expected to be up by approximately 50%. This is the growth factored into Russia’s draft Energy Strategy to 2035, according to the RF Energy Ministry’s presentation available to RBC.

E.g., the scenario provides for the installed capacity of electric power stations, demand and net exports to increase in the period from 2012 to 2035 approximately from 240 to 320 mln kW, from 1050 bln kWh to nearly 1600 bln kW/t [kWh], and approximately from 16 to 45 bln kWh respectively.

According to risk analysis, by 2035 the installed capacity, demand and net exports can reach about 305 mln kW, 1430 bln kWh, and about 32 bln kWh respectively.

According to the scenario, centralized heat supply in the target period can increase from 1300 mln Gcal to more than 1500 mln Gcal. According to risk analysis, it can be as high as 1440 mln Gcal by 2035.

Among the target outcomes of Energy Strategy by 2035 are: – elimination of shortage and a stable reserve of power- and heat-generating capacity; maintenance of electricity prices for domestic consumers at a level not higher than that in the USA; reduction in per kWh fuel use to approximately 48% of the 2010 level by 2035.

As reported by RBC

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