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Distributed Generating Company

Distributed Generating Company, LLC in cooperation with foreign partners implements a large-scale project to construct a comprehensive high-tech assembling for FlexEnergy micro-turbine-based power parks.

FlexEnergy micro-turbines are advanced resources for energy output. The meet ideally the needs of modern distributing power engineering systems, ultimately due to its compact size, high capacity in cogeneration and trigeneration mode.

The innovation and introduction development project for distributed generation implemented by our Company intends to build long-term relations with consumers (for more than a decade), rendering the services for power supply with maximum reliability and of high quality produced by FlexEnergy micro-turbine-based power parks.

Estimated investments, which the Company will attract to implement the project, shall be equal to USD 310 million. Moreover, the capital of Distributed Generating Company, LLC is equal to RUR 300 million currently.

We held the negotiations and obtained confirmation in writing from Eximbank (U.S. Export-Import Bank) regarding financing equal to $ 255 million to implement such project. The management of Russian Agricultural Bank Open Joint Stock Company supported the question on bank guarantee for the project implementation.

Distributed Generating Company, LLC signed the contract with FlexEnergy corporation, the largest manufacturer of micro-turbines and power equipment.

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