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New contract between DGC LLC and EnergoCapital CJSC

New contract between DGC LLC and EnergoCapital CJSC

In March 2014 Distributed Generating Company LLC and EnergoCapital CJSC entered into a contract to design a family of automated modular mini CHP packages based on FlexEnergy МТ333/МТ250 microturbines, with a unit capacity of 0.33 MW to 2 MW, as well as automated modular peak hot water boilers with a capacity of 5 MW and 10 MW.

Once cleared by statutory expert reviews and approvals, generic designs for mini-CHP packages will enable DGC LLC to dramatically cut the lead time for subsequent installation and commissioning of generation facilities (mini CHP plants) to meet the needs of final customers.

EnergoCapital CJSC (a member of EnergoCapital group), St Petersburg is a recognised leader in design, installation, pre-commissioning and start-up of cogeneration systems. With its unparalleled R&D potential and over a 10-year proven track record, the company is one of the few in Russia whose qualified staff are capable of delivering turnkey projects, including design, packaging, pre-commissioning, start-up and maintenance of boiler facilities and mini CHP plants throughout the Russian Federation.

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