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Our Project

The Project is to lease the autonomous sources for power and heat energy to the ultimate Consumers in the Russian Federation under long-term contracts (up to ten years).

The lease payment rate shall be established based on the calculation of total savings of 10 per cent of current expense for electric power for the Consumer (at applicable tariff for LV voltage level with following change simultaneously with a change in tariff).

The lease payments shall be calculated on the assumption of use of 70 per cent of installed power / at 70 per cent load of power installations. This is equal to 6,132 engine hours per year (on ‘take-or-pay’ conditions). For example, 6,132,000 KW/h per year will be paid for 1 MW installation at the cost, which is by 10 per cent lower of established tariff after deduction of gas costs.

It is necessary to stress that when a lessee uses FlexEnergy power park, the economic effect from operation of such equipment may be significantly increased. For example if the lessee ensures an effective maintenance load of power parks totaling to 90 per cent, which is relevant to additional load of equipment for 1,752 engine hours per year and output of 1,752,000 KW of power and 1,752 Gcal of heat energy, the lessee will be able to obtain additionally generated volume of electric and heat energy saving up to 60 per cent of basic cost parameter of power and heat energy prescribed by the Lease Agreement.

At the same time aggregate savings of the Lessee for electric power may reach 22 per cent of average prices for electric power established in each region by retail energy sales companies.

Supplier/Lessor shall provide (using resources and funds) the following:

  • Delivery, assembly, commissioning of equipment;
  • Comprehensive maintenance of equipment during full contractual term.

The Lessee/Consumer shall provide the following:

  • Availability of natural high pressure gas (according to GOST R 5542-87) in equipment connection points:
    – Injection gas pressure: 517-522 kPa (5.2 bars);
    – Calorific value: 2,500-24,000 kcal/m3 (7,600 kcal/m3);
    – Gas consumption volume (maximum at 100 per cent equipment load): 325 Nm3/hour (for 1MW installation).