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FlexEnergy Microturbines

Since 1990, the development of gas-turbine generator installation in micro group from 10 to 500 kW has been carried out under support of the US, Japanese and other European governments. Main purpose of the equipment is to output electric power for power networks and consumers of low voltage (0.4 kV).

In this case power installations are located in close proximity to consumers and operate under balanced load conditions. There is no need to transfer electric power for long distances. There is no power interchange between networks with different voltage. Therefore, the electric power losses are narrowed down during power transportation and transformation. As the result the cost of kilowatt-hour is decreased for the ultimate consumer.

When microturbines were designed, the requirement to improved reliability, introduction of management system maximum simplifying maintenance, decrease in time and cost of servicing and repair were mandatory taken into account.

Ingersoll Rand Company (US), largest manufacturer of industrial equipment, was the first to develop and demonstrate consumers the micro-turbine power plants. This company is well-knows for many Russian consumers as a manufacturer of various compressor equipment. Since 2011 FlexEnergy Inc. (US, California, Irvin) is the owner of the enterprise manufacturing Ingersoll Rand energy systems including micro-turbine series.

FlexEnergy Technology

Environment-friendly, energy saving micro-turbine technology is applied to solve the following three tasks:

  • Use of waste as fuel;
  • Supply of heat and electric power (cogeneration);
  • Integration with external energy sources.

Difference between micro-turbines and gas turbines:

  • Highly integrated, assembly-and-disassembly packages
  • Design meets the requirements of standards, applied in the output of industrial equipment, such as refrigerators, boilers and furnaces
  • Main assembly has a construction of integrated blocks generally replaceable as one element
  • Main part of auxiliary sub-systems is included into basic package
  • Ordinary connection to Client’s objects, such as
    – gas mains
    – ventilation ducts
    – electric cables
    – water supply systems
    – communication lines
  • Integration of FlexEnergy micro-turbine using MT 250 as an example:

    FlexEnergy Micro-Turbines. Information about Company’s products (pdf)

    FlexEnergy MT 250 Micro-Turbine

    Solution offered, which is based on micro-turbine technology, is efficient in many industrial fields including use of accompanying oil gas, intermediates of accompanying gas generated at drainage water treatment, waste of cattle-farms, at processing of gas and oil generating such waste products into power and heat energy.

    Micro-turbine has a high electric capacity which is more than 30 per cent. Even it is intended for 250 kW, at low surrounding temperatures it may output 300 kW without restriction of resource. Gas turbine installation is differed by a low emission level. That is why you may install it both in residential and office areas. Some heat-exchange equipment to heat water as well as booster compressors to ensure operation using low gas pressure may be inbuilt into installation case.

    MT 250 operates with long periods between servicing which are about 8,000 hours. The periods between repairs are equal to 40,000-60,000 hours. Scheduled repairs are performed at a maintenance site. Besides, MT250 modification package is designed specially for the Russian market, outdoor performance with surrounding temperature from -60° to +46° C.

    FlexEnergy MT 333 Micro-Turbine

    MT-333 micro-turbine is the modification of МТ250 make. It is designed with increased power and capacity of compressor of the gas turbine engine. At the same time it keeps the same advantages of previous make.

    Electric power of MT 333 is equal to 333 kW, heat power is 373 kW. The electric capacity of MT 333 reaches 34 per cent, being one of the best parameters in the world.

    Along with such high efficiency and long-term life time, FlexEnergy gas turbines are differed by their low exhaust level at standard operation conditions. Unique, certified by patent structure of furnace chamber, ensuring complete combustion of almost all fuel input in the system is the guarantee of the cleanliness of exhaust.

    FlexEnergy MT 250 and MT 333 micro-turbines are highly reliable and may operate almost in any climatic environment.

    FlexEnergy MT 250. Technical specifications (pdf)
    FlexEnergy MT 333. Maintenance manual (pdf)